Scrap Car and Get Lucky!

Most of the times when your car gets old, there is nothing much you can do but throw it away in the junkyard. And mind you, this does not give you any money in return and ultimately you have to give away your car for peanuts. Scrap car removes all these problems - it helps you in disposing off your car in a safe way and also gives you money in return. Now this is what I call intelligent work!

Scrap car involves removing the parts of the car, one part at a time and reselling them in the open market to consumers. It involves a series of steps which ensure that this process is completed safely and without posing any hazard to anyone. There are many materials in the car which can be harmful to humans and if the correct procedure is not followed, it might have long term implications on people.

The most important step is to make sure that the car is dry, for which it is essential to drain all fluids present in the car, for example the drain fluid, the cooling fluid and oil (fuel). Batteries should also be removed first because unused batteries leak harmful chemicals which pose health problems even if they come in contact with humans in small quantities.

Next, one should remove the light parts of the car such as the window shields, tail lights, front lights and other such peripheral material which can easily be taken out of the car. After this you should remove the car seats and then move to other heavier, more important parts such as the engine and radiator. his explanation junk car removal burnaby

Removing the seats might be a little tricky and involve a lot of hard work. Take extra hands if needed else you might end up just ruining the seats and losing up on a substantial amount of money.

However, if you don't have enough time on your hands and find the whole business of scrapping a car rather time taking and cumbersome, you can also give your car away to a scrap yard to do the job for you. Scrap yards take care of all the aspects of scrapping a car, including issuing a destruction certificate which shows that your car has been disposed off in an environmentally friendly way. Make sure you get this certificate as otherwise you might be held for not disposing off your car properly, since the law now needs you take care of the environment, this might be a big problem.

Make sure you go to a scrap dealer which gives you the right returns for your car and does not take you for a ride. Many scrap dealers will tell you some slight flaw in your car and reduce the amount of money they owe you. Getting a little bit of hands-on knowledge on your car helps in getting a good deal on the car parts as you'd know where the dealer is not giving you full information. Drain the oils before you take the car to the yard, the less work they do for you, the more money you will get out of your car. Take the help of the Internet to find the best dealer as it is a more transparent medium to find exactly what you want.